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    BRUSH AND COMB (65692)

    20.00 (Gel) 25.00 (Gel)
    Includes brushes with natural and soft nylon bristles and comb with rounded tips to gently comb baby's hair/ Both brushes and combs have large handles for a safe grip.

    ყურის უსაფრთხო ჩხირები (60ც) 0 თვიდან (10440)

    7.92 (Gel) 9.90 (Gel)
    ბავშვის კანს მოზრდილებისგან განსხვავებით, აქვს განსხვავებული თვისებები , რაც მოითხოვს განსაკუთრებულ ზრუნვას და ყურადღებას

    Safety Harness (68390)

    33.60 (Gel) 42.00 (Gel)
    We know children love to run before they can walk and thus our brand of Safety reins will keep your child safe and secure on the move with you by their side.

    Toothpaste 6m+ (69580)

    9.60 (Gel) 12.00 (Gel)
    Age of use: from 6 months of age.

    Nail Scissors (59121)

    13.60 (Gel) 17.00 (Gel)
    Nail Scissors

    Nail Scissors (59122)

    13.60 (Gel) 17.00 (Gel)
    Nail Scissors