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    Cotton Squares (26540)

    9.60 (Gel) 12.00 (Gel)
    Made of 100% pure cotton.

    Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo 500ml (28451)

    16.80 (Gel) 21.00 (Gel)
    No-tears formulas, ideal for daily care of baby’s delicate skin and fine hair.

    Liquid Talc (74601)

    16.72 (Gel) 20.90 (Gel)
    Refreshing dry effect. the liquid formula reduces the risk of inhalation.

    Rich Cream (10596)

    15.20 (Gel) 19.00 (Gel)
    Delicate formula with a special natural ingredients for each tender moment of protection.

    Soap (10398)

    6.00 (Gel) 7.50 (Gel)
    with its glycerine-based formula, it gently cleanses and moisturises baby's skin.

    No-Tears Shampoo (28401)

    14.40 (Gel) 18.00 (Gel)
    Gently cleanses fine delicate baby's hair without irritating the eyes.

    Skin Care

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