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    Duo Modular Systems

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    "Stroll'in'2" 0+(79564.37)

    1,212.00 (Gel) 2,020.00 (Gel)
    "Stroll in 2" is for carrying two children of different ages. Comfortable for children, convenient for their parents.

    Bravo travel system

    From 1,440.00 (Gel)
    bravo® is a revolutionary 2-in-1 Travel Solution that adapts to your changing needs as baby grows with three unique modes. The Bravo® travel system includes the Bravo® stroller and KeyFit® 30 infant car seat.

    " FULLY " 0+ (79002)

    From 2,085.60 (Gel)
    Stroller & car seat (2 IN 1)

    Viaro Travel System-Teak (79747.30)

    1,379.20 (Gel) 1,724.00 (Gel)
    With a sleek, three-wheel design and aluminum frame, the Viaro® Stroller has a sporty stance that offers nimble steering and maneuverability for everyday usability.

    Duo Modular Systems

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