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    Quattro Macchinina Cavalcabile 4-in-1 (60703.30)

    344.40 (Gel) 574.00 (Gel)
    Bright color design with belt and safety burst

    BABY GARDENER 9+ (97930)

    185.40 (Gel) 309.00 (Gel)
    Take the first steps in a safe and fun way

    "Pelican Trike"18+ (67140)

    196.80 (Gel) 328.00 (Gel)
    Comfortable and safe travel! Three-wheeled bicycle - with fun pelican face and claw pedals.

    Quattro Macchinina Cavalcabile 4-in-1 (60703.10)

    344.40 (Gel) 574.00 (Gel)
    4 different configurations, 9+, 12 +, 18+ for different ages

    Balance Biki (17160)

    From 191.40 (Gel)
    Child’s first bicycle helps him/her to develop necessary balance on 2 wheels and to make easier to move on bicycle with pedals.

    "All around" 12+ (11113)

    Complete freedom of movement!

    Ride-On Toys

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