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    Ultrasounds Anti-Mosquito Portable Device

    37.60 (Gel) 47.00 (Gel)
    The practicality of the equipment lies in its practical clip , which is easily mounted on a stroler

    Ultrasounds Anti-Mosquito Plug in Device

    30.40 (Gel) 38.00 (Gel)
    Thanks to ultrasound technology, the device's operation is unpleasant to insects and completely harmless to humans

    Anti-Mosquito Roll-On-60ML (10671)

    12.00 (Gel) 15.00 (Gel)
    It can be applied quickly and easily, even by your baby.

    Anti-Mosquito Gel 60ml (10661)

    14.00 (Gel) 17.50 (Gel)
    There is no doubt, summer is the best part of the year. The sun makes us feel good and we like to spend a lot of time out in the open. But every year, summer also means mosquitoes!